These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…

Some of my favorite things since having surgery:

Insulated Camelbak’s


I have three insulated Camelbak’s and constantly have one on me. I love that I can throw it into my handbag and not worry about it getting everything wet with condensation. 

Syntrax Lemon Tea Protein Drink


This is my go to, default protein drink. I. LOVE. IT. It’s not overpowering,  isn’t one of the normal milk-tasting protein options, and refreshing enough to drink after one of my long runs as a recovery drink. 



I’m personally a little obsessed with my fitbit. I consistently move more if I have it on. I also have found myself saying to myself “(@&! parking far away! I’m not wearing my fitbit…” when I forget to clip it on my bra or pants. I particularly love it since I’ve started training for the 1/2 marathon. Getting 20,000+ steps in before 10 am feels pretty damn good! 

Galloway Running Program


Since December I’ve been hoofing it every Saturday with my local Galloway running group. I never would of imagined I could call myself a runner but, after consistently waking up at 6 am and running 7 or more miles at a time every Saturday, I’m going there: I’m a runner! Abet, a slow runner, but I’m a runner dammit! 

So why does Galloway group rock? First, and most importantly, the team environment. It’s awesome to meet up with 400+ of your closest friends and work towards a common goal. Second, it’s accountability. I joined with a friend and have made a friend since being there, and we text each other reminders and funny running jokes, like this one…

Third, it’s pushing me to run farther than I’d ever imagine that I’d run. I never would of guessed I’d run 10 miles at a time. That’s a 16K (when you run, you realize measuring your distance in kilometers is much more satisfying). Fourth, and finally, I’m not getting injured. Hell, I’m not even sore most days after my long run. Instead I end my runs exhausted and happy. 

I’m Back!

An Update (in bullets)

  • 295 days since I had surgery
  • -60 lbs lost so far
  • Running 3x a week
  • Training for a ½ marathon
  • Weight stall since December 16th (fluctuating between 189 – 185)
  • 60 days till the wedding
  • Daily tracking at on MyFitnessPal

Goals for the next 60 days

  • Back to bariatric basics (800 calories, 100+ grams of protein, 40 gms of carbs or less/ day)
  • Running 3x/week (2x/30 min + long run)
  • BodyPump 2x/week
  • Daily Bootycall: 30 minutes cardio every morning!
  • 100 Push Up Program Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

I’m feeling great but pretty frustrated with the stall I’m currently experiencing. The cause? Me. Christmas goodies, wine with friends, cake tasting (though I do not regret that one bit!), over-indulging while eating out after my long runs.

But with the wedding quickly approaching (2 months!!!!) it’s time to buckle down and get serious. Not just because it’ll be the most photographed day of my life (though that is important) but for so many other reasons:

1)      I want to go clothing shopping dammit! I’d like to get to my goal weight and maintain sooner rather than later so I can finally go on a shopping spree at Ann Taylor Loft and Anthropologie. I’m infinitely grateful for friends who’ve lent/given me clothes but I’m itching to makeover my wardrobe.

2)      After I hit the 1 year post surgery mark (April 1, 2014) and finish my half-marathon Greg and I are going to start looking at starting our own family. I’d like to be the healthiest I possibly can be so the pregnancy and recovery can go as smoothly as possible.

3)      Wedding photos. Lot. Of. Photos. I don’t care if it’s superficial; it’s very real motivation to me!

4)      I want to wear a bikini on my honeymoon in Bora Bora. Because, why not?

I’ll be trying to update more regularly because it helps me process and stay accountable. Thanks everyone who have been cheering me on and supporting me!


An Older Before/After Picture: Before Surgery & 3 Months After


Home from the hospital. Was a rougher recovery than I expect. Got nauseous from the anesthesia and threw up blood for about 4 hours. Finally got moved to my room at around 6 pm and was liven a cocktail of anti-nausea meds and my PCA pump.

Now I’m home, drinking 2 ounces every 15 minutes. Feel as though the worst is behind me and looking forward to starting this new chapter of my life!

Protein Drink Smack Down! Round 1

Bariatric Fusion Mint Chocolate 

Stats: 27 grams of protein, 100% Daily value of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3, 7 grams of carbohydrates

+ True minty chocolate taste

+ Smooth, non-gritty

+ Non-chalky



Naked Protein Zone

Stats: 34 grams of protein, 100% Daily value of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3, 68 grams of carbohydrates

+ Nice, tropical flavor

– Gritty

– Too much sugar (56 grams)


Bariatric Fusion Mint Chocolate WINS! 

The First (Ambien-Laced) Step…

I lay in bed, uncomfortable. Hot. Sticky. I flipped, re-positioning myself, tucking the cool comforter between my thighs. Greg, my fiancé, lay sleeping next to me. His CPAP machine hummed lightly. I tossed back over and grabbed my iPad.

“Structure house” I Google. Too expensive. I know this stuff. I don’t want to go to a residential program in Durham when I live in Durham!

“Duke Diet & Fitness” Eat right. Smart portions. Exercise. Rinse, wash, repeat.

“Rice Diet” That’s so much. Fucking. Rice. For real? That much rice? All the time?

“Weight Watchers” I browse the website, looking at Jessica Simpson’s head shot. She got paid how many millions, and she has had trouble? For real?

The Ambien was starting to kick in at that point. I feel semi-drunk, semi-exhausted… not just from the late night but from rehashing “the issue” over again.

I thought back to 6 year ago; private conversations I had with close friends, family, and my significant other. Mexico… medical tourism…

Duke Homepage

“Duke Bariatrics”

“Success in Battling Obesity Starts Here” the homepage proclaimed. The familiarity of the Duke symbol was soothing, despite my UNC allegiance. I scanned the page quickly, a half smile creeping across my face…The website pulled up slowly, my wi-fi flickering in and out on the second floor of the house.

“Let’s get started!” the website proclaimed; “Take the first steps for weight loss surgery”

I clicked the link, filled out the form, rolled over, and fell soundly asleep within seconds.

Choosing Losing With Bariatric Surgery…

ImageA lot can change in three(ish) years. One month from today, I’ll be in a haze at Duke Hospital, recovering from bariatric surgery.

Excerpts from my letter to my family:

“Hello Mom, Dad, Ben, and Will,

I wanted to give you all more information about my upcoming weight loss surgery. It’s probably more information than you’d ever want to know but here we go…

I should know within a week what my surgery date is. I had my last pre-operation screening appointment today, an upper GI test. I most likely will have the surgery in MarchI am having the surgery at Duke Hospital ( . They have one of the highest rated bariatric centers in the United States; I’m lucky they are so close. In addition to a great team of doctors, psychologist, and dietitians, they also offer twice a month support groups for pre and post- surgery. The surgery cost is covered by my health insurance.

I am leaning towards getting the Gastric sleeve surgery. You watch info about the Gastric Sleeve procedure here: . I am still undecided about whether to get that or the gastric-bypass. My doctor says I am the ideal candidate for either surgery and should get good results regardless. You can read about all the different types of surgery here:

Recovery time will take 2-3 weeks so sign up now to come nurse Kelly back to health! You all know what a delight I am normally 🙂 And how well I tolerate pain!

You might be asking why? Why not just eat better and work out and lose weight naturally?

 A couple reasons:

  • I have a medical condition which put me at a metabolic disadvantage of losing weight (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome).
  • While I am not currently diabetic, my PCOS puts me at a higher risk for diabetes.
  • PCOS also greatly decreases my fertility.
  • Studies have shown that less than 5 percent of morbidly obese individuals who try to lose weight without surgery fail to see any significant weight loss.

I think having weight loss surgery is the best shot I have at decreasing the risk of diabetes, increasing fertility, losing weight/ keeping it off, and at improving my overall health. I have seriously considered having weight loss surgery for 6 years; I’ve decided now is the ideal time to have surgery. It’s also better to have it while I am still “healthy”, at least as healthy as a morbidly obese person can be (no heart issues, good blood pressure, good cholesterol, no major mobility issues, etc). I have alerted my boss and she is very supportive, also making this a good time to have it done as I’ll need time off of work.

My diet will be radically different after weight loss surgery. I will only be able to consume 600-800 calories a day, have to get lots of protein (any recommendation on shake mixes Ben?), and not be able to drink Diet Coke anymore. Now you know I’m serious, right? I had to think long and hard about giving up my favorite carbonated drink before committing to having surgery.

Anyways, I hope this answers some of your questions. I’ll need all of your support throughout this process as it will be taxing, emotional and physically. Greg can’t bear the burden of it all on his own! Once again, slots are open for the “Kelly’s Nurse” position; task will consist mostly of making sure I drink two tablespoons of liquid every 15 minutes and watching TV with me.  You’ll receive free lodging in our guest room, free cable and wi-fi, and my un-dying love. 

Love you all and thank you in advance for your support.


 Kelly <– the favorite


Surgery is scheduled for April 1st (no foolin!) and I’ve decided to get the vertical sleeve surgery. I’m reading as much information as I possibly can about the surgery (diet, physical effects, psychological effects, recovery, etc) and going to support group twice a month.  I’m scared/excited/nervous/hopeful/resolute.

So if you are still reading this blog  (through RSS or other wonders of the internet), hello again! I’m back! And I’m choosing losing, with the help of bariatric surgery.